Posted on: July 11, 2009 9:23 am
Edited on: July 11, 2009 2:22 pm

The Real Power Rankings of 2010

Here is my REAL RANKINGS...
1-New England - Brady's Back, and there's gone to be trouble (14-2)

2-Pittsburgh - Roethlisberger will again shine with the help of a BIG defense, They may win a Superbowl in '10 also (12-4)

3-Atlanta - Another Year for Ryan means another reason to fear this offense (11-5)

4-Arizona - Zona now can go into a season with momentum, Fitz is going to be the best WR in the NFL, so get your draft lists ready (11-5)

5-Baltimore - Great Defense Equals wins, Plus they have Flacco who looks like he can throw the ball 100 yards with accuracy (10-6)

6-Philadelphia - Not just cause Im a Philly fan, but you have to realize 5 NFC Trips this decade=success, and Mcnabb can win anything(except Superbowls) (10-6)

7- Indianapolis - Manning will win even if he is qb at 40, plus they still have Addai, Wayne, and Gonzo will have a monster year, Sanders is a beast. Nuff Said(10-6)

8-Minnesota - This Ranking is only if Brett (Im not done) Favre returns to a GB rival, Take that pack, Without Favre 9-7 but I think he returns and Peterson is still untouchable (10-6)

9-New Orleans - Bush + Brees + Colston = Alot of Yards and TDS look for another year with no way to stop the Offense and no one to stop on Defense (10-6)

10-Tennesse - Tennesse doesn't slip so far, Haynesworth is only 1 man, and they still have a solid D, look what happened when they lost Pacman, they got better, not saying they will, but they will not miss playoffs, and Vince Young will be starting for someone else in 2011 can we say Washington. (10-6)

11-Chicago - Cutler adds some Offense, but who is the WR, Remember he had alot of help in Denver, but hes not in Denver anymore, They still have a good Defense (10-6)

12-Houston - They have Cushing(who is the new Urlacher), 3 Potential QB's and lots of promise get them to the playoffs, but out of the 1st Rd. Thats another story (9-7)

13-Dallas - Tony Romo is not the answer, but he can still get them W's, Thank God Jerry Jones got rid of the Convict Formation, I was waiting for him to pick up Vick and Stallworth, he might still pick up Stallworth (9-7)

14-Green Bay - Look to see two HEATED battles against Minnestoa this year, Favre is a Traitor (9-7)

15-Miami - I hope Jimmy Buffett is doing a good Halftime show all year, not much else to watch, except Pennington and a good D (9-7)

16-Carolina - These guys are losing faith fast, each year they slip a little farther away from the Super Bowl potential, do we hear the sound of a new QB, They already have a stud WR and two very solid RB, who else do we need, Not Delhomme (9-7)

17-NY Giants - Why would you give up on Plax, he could shoot the owner accidentally and I would keep him, sorry guys D and Philly make the cut, and you're juuuusssst a bit outside (9-7)

18-San Diego - Sproles is just dangling there, LT is another year older, but I wouldnt give up on him so fast, the big mouth QB is a another story, he is cancer, not a leader (8-8)

19-Cincinatti - Chad Ochocinco what ever the hell he's calling himself, is supposedly back, but who else besides Palmer helps out? Benson? Coles? Let the Rebuild begin starting with Coach and WR(8-8)

20-Jacksonville - I would have given my right N*T for a cheap Torry Holt, plus Jones-Drew is full time, Now all they need is a steady QB before Holt retires and they might have a team, Garrard isnt the QB he needs to be (8-8)

21-Buffalo - T.O. isnt helping this sad group, I mean look at the face Jauron had before getting T.O., Jauron should look at possible Coordinator jobs for 2011 T.O. will be the reason Lee Evans Leaves(7-9)

22-Seattle - Hasslebeck is back, Hasslebeck is old, and Houshmandzadeh isn't any help. One bright spot Aaron Curry (7-9)

23-Denver - McDaniels shouldn't unpack so quickly, he will be out before the offseason(if his mouth destroyed the team), He also signed an old Dawkins to a 5 year deal without a solidified surrounding, Signed 3 backups at RB Cut 1 before Training camp, and Didn't look to secure a QB in the Draft, All Bad (6-10)

24-Washington - 100 Million Reasons Snyder shouldn't worry about big names, because they never get big production, Ex: AROD, Stop buying big names and get a better team, just keep Portis (6-10)

25- Cleveland - I never know why a team with such promise can't get it together, oh yeah, because they are CLEVELAND, the King will be gone next year(Brooklyn we did it), and so will be Mangineous (6-10)

26-NY Jets Jets Jets - Sanchez can't help this group, disgruntled RB, Rex Ryan, and lots of holes and uncertainties (5-11)

27-Kansas City - These Guys will be Good.... someday, just not yet, Cassell you should have stayed in New England (5-11)

28-Tampa Bay - Freeman isn't going to start this year, Gruden is gone, and he isnt the problem, they need a team (5-11)

29-Detroit - Ahhhhhhhhh Stafford, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, but wait, they are still Detroit, and they gave Roy Willams away, wait, they did kick that Jackass Millen out of the building, but they are still Detroit, Ok, You're right (4-12) Next year get Stafford a target, and a O line

30-Oakland - How can you lose, you have JaMarcus Russell, you have Asomugha, you have Mcfadden, You have Heyward-Bey(who I also think is the best Receiver in the draft-Boldin prototype) Oh thats right you have Davis running the Wins right out of Oakland. Goodbye Tom Cable, NEEXXTTT. Al please Die before Mcfadden and Russell, and Heyward-Bey leave. Pleeeeeaaaassssseeee (4-12)

31-San Francisco - Almost took Vick, almost. Good thing they didn't, PETA would have been outside tailgating with the Two Thousand Faithful of San Francisco (3-13)

32-St Louis - You get rid of Holt, WHHHHHYYYYY, you guys suck and you get rid of Holt, get rid of anyone else but Holt, and maybe Jackson, just get rid of them Dreds, you look like a girl in a helmet (2-14)

This is Your Power Rankings for 2009-2010, and Im DC.
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